i felt compelled to create this blog with the thought of all those who have helped me as i continue my journey of cake decorating. if not for those creative minds who were brave enough to put themselves out there i would not have learned so many wonderful things or been as inspired as i am. i am just starting on my path to greatness! (ha ha!) i hope to document my progress through this blog. give out tips i have learned. make more connections with the decorating world. and perhaps someday give someone a little inspiration myself. so welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, April 11, 2014

August 2013 - Hombre Cake, Breast Cancer Survivor

Let me begin this post with a quick shout out to my ah-mazing Mom. A breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed almost 17 years ago. It has metastasized and it is all through her body.  She struggles some days with strength levels and aches. But she preservers. She is my hero, 100%. I could go on and on about my Mom, but I will end with the fact that every birthday we celebrate is another year she has survived this evil disease, celebrate the blessing from God that He still sees a need to keep her here with us, celebrate new beginnings and look forward to another year of memories and opportunities.


I am terrible with colors, which doesn't always bode well for cake decorating. The darkest pink on this cake was waaaay to pepto pink for me. and the lightest pink was waaaaay to white for me. I wanted a nice hombre blended look here and did not get it.

Ah beaver biscuits.

It was a lot of work. I was full on pregnant and sick so this cake was great because I just parked my ever growing caboose on a kitchen stool and went for it.

I loved how the design turned out but with the colors would have blended better.

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