i felt compelled to create this blog with the thought of all those who have helped me as i continue my journey of cake decorating. if not for those creative minds who were brave enough to put themselves out there i would not have learned so many wonderful things or been as inspired as i am. i am just starting on my path to greatness! (ha ha!) i hope to document my progress through this blog. give out tips i have learned. make more connections with the decorating world. and perhaps someday give someone a little inspiration myself. so welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 2014 - How I Met Your Mother. The End.

It's always nice to work on my frosting skills. One day I'll be amazing at it. But I love being able to have friends and family who love me and will be happy with what I do even though it could easily be better. And I love learning from each cake too.

This was made for a friend from my Jr High and High School days. I hadn't seen her in years, so it was fun to catch up and see her again. This was great fun to plan and make. I love the buildings with the lights, I had them wrap around the side of the cake. Yup. It was perfect. What I learned...well, let me start by saying that I get a much better black frosting when my base is chocolate. But being a tired Mom of a newborn I cheated with half my frosting. I mean I made my own for the sky and umbrella, but for the black I purchased store bought.....

horror of horrors....

to make it a nice black. It was a fudge icing and ooooober sticky! I could not get it to smooth out. So, what I learned. Take the time to make my chocolate frosting or you'll be sorry. Lesson learned.

Still, isn't it a fun cake!

March 2014 - More than Meets the Eye

I looked everywhere for some Transformer cookie cutters. Duh. You would think they would be easier to find. I ended up doing a custom order from this cool website in Australia. I'll have to post a link when I am not so tired and brain dead. 

Totally worth it. Now I have some super cool cookie cutters!

As always, so grateful for my Sweet Knees and his willingness to be my fondant guy. They turned out great and were a huge success at the little mans birthday party, from what I was told! Hurray! That's the best part about making goodies!

January 2014 - Little Gentleman's First Birthday

Aren't First Birthdays the best! Those little milestones. Oh dear.

Where did this mustache craze come from?  I love it! It's great fun!

I found a chocolate mold for these bad boys, so much better than the free handed ones on the Fie-stash cake. Look at my cute little man testing out the stashes....

Isn't he the cutest! Can't wait for his First Birthday.

This was a fun cake order! My first non-family member order since moving. I have access to an amazing supply store, it's hard to walk out of there with just whats on my list. My absolute favorite thing on this cake was my little "one" with the teeny tiny stash. I feel like Olaf from frozen...it's like a baby unicorn - hee hee!

September 2013 - Charlie the Unicorn

Um do I need to even write anything?

Candy Mountain.

Charlie the Unicorn.

On a CAKE!


August 2013 - Hombre Cake, Breast Cancer Survivor

Let me begin this post with a quick shout out to my ah-mazing Mom. A breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed almost 17 years ago. It has metastasized and it is all through her body.  She struggles some days with strength levels and aches. But she preservers. She is my hero, 100%. I could go on and on about my Mom, but I will end with the fact that every birthday we celebrate is another year she has survived this evil disease, celebrate the blessing from God that He still sees a need to keep her here with us, celebrate new beginnings and look forward to another year of memories and opportunities.


I am terrible with colors, which doesn't always bode well for cake decorating. The darkest pink on this cake was waaaay to pepto pink for me. and the lightest pink was waaaaay to white for me. I wanted a nice hombre blended look here and did not get it.

Ah beaver biscuits.

It was a lot of work. I was full on pregnant and sick so this cake was great because I just parked my ever growing caboose on a kitchen stool and went for it.

I loved how the design turned out but with the colors would have blended better.

February 2013 - LALA OOPSie

If you don't know about LALA OOPSIES here's a quick run down. Cute little dolls, that look like they are patch worked and stitched, that's the LALA LOOPSIES. The LALA OOPSIES are a little bit more mismatched in their patchwork. Little Love wanted a LALA OOPSIE party, if my budget would have allowed it I would have gone nuts with this! Sadly I had to keep on budget, so I knew the cake had to be simple but cute. I had a great idea from a cake I had seen a long time ago with a rainbow on the top but done all in white and different shades of grey instead of all the colors of a rainbow....but on the inside the cake layers were the rainbow colors. Does that make sense? 

Moving on. 

So since the OOPSIES are messed up a bit I took this idea and added the color to the inside instead of outside. She loved it and was super surprised when she cut into the cake and all the color had been "sucked" to the inside. 

Cute! Loved it! Nailed it! Super Mom!

Long Over Due

Dear goodness, it's been awhile since I updated this blog. I guess hard pregnancies and new babies will do that! I have gone back and checked things out and noticed I left out a few cakes for the 2012 year. So since I am a tired mama I am just going to do a compilation of 2012. Sorry folks....er one reader....aka my Mom!

April 2012 - Hangin' with my Gnomies

This little cutie was made for my supervisor at work. ( gosh how I miss her ) She is like the ultimate in gardening. I mean UL-TI-MATE. She and her sweet husband also like to hunt for mushrooms in Oregon, um, can you say cool!  So I made her some nice mushrooms cupcakes and a little gnomies. I made the gnomes from some wooden peg people and felt from the craft store. Super cute! Little did I know I had made her a variety of 'shrooms that is extremely poisonous. Oops.

July 2012 - On a Hot, Hot Day in July

Some good friends and I got our little families together for a picnic at the park for this 4th of July in 2012. Since our husbands were all working it was a nice way to get the girls together. I made this cake up super quick and the nice hot weather started the frosting melting away....it was still good!

August 2012 - Fie-stash

Those little stashes took forever to make. I did them all free hand - WEW!  But they looked great! I really liked this cake. I don't do a lot of simple sheet cakes, so it was nice to work on my frosting abilities, which are terrible for sure. But I was really happy with this one. I remember being especially pleased with my peppers, I don't know why. Oh well.

October 2012 - Royal Blue (First Wedding Cake)

This was my first wedding cake. Um can you say scaaaaary! For a my manager's daughter. I also made it all out of foam cakes. Never worked with those before. They were great! So light and sturdy. The bride was happy so I was happy!

...Well that's about it for 2012, I did a lot more cakes than I remember. Good year for cakes!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


As soon as I saw these adorable hedgehogs at the store I knew they would be perfect for my garden loving supervisor's 31st wedding anniversary. It happened to fall on the same day as our work Christmas Party, so I made sure to bring it along. She cried when she saw it - I think she like it!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Hero

When I got the call for a Super Hero cake and cupcakes I was so excited to tell Sweet Knees! And then when I was telling him the Super Hero’s that I wanted to make and his inner NERD came out, he told me I could not put Super Hero’s from opposing comic books together! Then I was not so excited….!!  Bwa ha ha! No, we had so much fun together. I decided to make the Super Hero logos with colorflow. This is a new technique for Sweet Knees. He didn't like it much. It has been a long time since I worked with colorflow and I had forgotten how much I like it and how cool the effect is. The cake was made much like my SuperMan cake but we did a “G” instead of an “S” for the boy’s name. It was a pretty simple cake but like all my cakes I had a lot of fun making it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Classic Rock

I do so love a challenge!  Sweet Knees probably would be quick to disagree since he is usually the one in the kitchen calming me down when I stress, but this cake was surprisingly stress-free. My sister’s neighbor plays in a jazz band with her boyfriend and wanted to surprise him at their show tonight with a guitar birthday cake – his instrument. Sweet Knees and I knocked this bad boy out in 4 hours! That includes making all the fondant from scratch. And if you have never made fondant from scratch, just believe me when I say it takes time. I was so, so happy with how this cake turned out.