i felt compelled to create this blog with the thought of all those who have helped me as i continue my journey of cake decorating. if not for those creative minds who were brave enough to put themselves out there i would not have learned so many wonderful things or been as inspired as i am. i am just starting on my path to greatness! (ha ha!) i hope to document my progress through this blog. give out tips i have learned. make more connections with the decorating world. and perhaps someday give someone a little inspiration myself. so welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, April 11, 2014

February 2013 - LALA OOPSie

If you don't know about LALA OOPSIES here's a quick run down. Cute little dolls, that look like they are patch worked and stitched, that's the LALA LOOPSIES. The LALA OOPSIES are a little bit more mismatched in their patchwork. Little Love wanted a LALA OOPSIE party, if my budget would have allowed it I would have gone nuts with this! Sadly I had to keep on budget, so I knew the cake had to be simple but cute. I had a great idea from a cake I had seen a long time ago with a rainbow on the top but done all in white and different shades of grey instead of all the colors of a rainbow....but on the inside the cake layers were the rainbow colors. Does that make sense? 

Moving on. 

So since the OOPSIES are messed up a bit I took this idea and added the color to the inside instead of outside. She loved it and was super surprised when she cut into the cake and all the color had been "sucked" to the inside. 

Cute! Loved it! Nailed it! Super Mom!

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