i felt compelled to create this blog with the thought of all those who have helped me as i continue my journey of cake decorating. if not for those creative minds who were brave enough to put themselves out there i would not have learned so many wonderful things or been as inspired as i am. i am just starting on my path to greatness! (ha ha!) i hope to document my progress through this blog. give out tips i have learned. make more connections with the decorating world. and perhaps someday give someone a little inspiration myself. so welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Friday, April 11, 2014

January 2014 - Little Gentleman's First Birthday

Aren't First Birthdays the best! Those little milestones. Oh dear.

Where did this mustache craze come from?  I love it! It's great fun!

I found a chocolate mold for these bad boys, so much better than the free handed ones on the Fie-stash cake. Look at my cute little man testing out the stashes....

Isn't he the cutest! Can't wait for his First Birthday.

This was a fun cake order! My first non-family member order since moving. I have access to an amazing supply store, it's hard to walk out of there with just whats on my list. My absolute favorite thing on this cake was my little "one" with the teeny tiny stash. I feel like Olaf from frozen...it's like a baby unicorn - hee hee!

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