i felt compelled to create this blog with the thought of all those who have helped me as i continue my journey of cake decorating. if not for those creative minds who were brave enough to put themselves out there i would not have learned so many wonderful things or been as inspired as i am. i am just starting on my path to greatness! (ha ha!) i hope to document my progress through this blog. give out tips i have learned. make more connections with the decorating world. and perhaps someday give someone a little inspiration myself. so welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 - Superman

I was so excited to tell Sweet Knees about our super hero cake! Something else I love about working with Sweet Knees is how precise he has to be. Me - I would just throw things on the cake not taking the time to work things out. He reminds me that preplanning is extremely important! He had so many rulers out to make sure the "S" was perfect and proportioned.

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